When a pizza is all you need!

The first of our challengers’ attempts to go gluten-free for awareness week. I have to confess I’ve always found the thought of cooking gluten-free intimidating! Working for Prewett’s means I know my way around the biscuits but actually cooking something for dinner I knew would require more thought than normal. Although it’s not very sophisticated to admit it my favourite food is actually pizza! So I wanted to see if I could make something similar, this simple recipe is a perfect replacement.

I used gluten-free wraps, spread them with some handily gluten-free tomato pesto and topped with grated cheddar cheese, tomato, mushrooms and spinach. Lightly grilled in the oven until the cheese has melted and the wrap is crispy around the edges. A perfect light snack, hitting my pizza need but keeping it gluten-free friendly!

How are you getting on with the GF challenge? We’re getting into the spirit in the office, there’s a cheesecake in the staff fridge I can’t wait to hear more about…

Give Gluten-Free a Go for Awareness Week!

This week is Awareness Week for Coeliac UK and it is an opportunity for everyone who eats gluten-free to tell the world more about it.

Whether you eat gluten-free for health or lifestyle reasons we want to know how you go about it. It’s not always easy to track down the gluten-free options and as part of doing our bit to raise awareness we are challenging our staff here at Prewett’s and our followers online to cook a gluten-free meal.

It can be your favourite recipe or a first time attempt at cooking gluten-free, bake your dish and then nominate a friend to do it too!

Monkey Munch wins the Day at the Newcastle Gluten-Free Fair!

Saturday 26th April saw a bunch of enthusiastic NFF’ers head over to Castle Gate in Newcastle for the annual Gluten-Free Fair. The event had well over 1000 people through the doors and had stands from local gluten-free manufacturers with everything from honey to curry!

“We wanted to come here and support Coeliac UK today because of the great work they do pioneering awareness for coeliacs and making their lives easier by navigating the world of GF products” said David Wood Commercial Director for Northumbrian Fine Foods proudly handing over £150 raised on the stand to Coeliac NorthEast.

Always keen for new ideas and an opportunity to get the public involved, the NFF team ran a competition to design a new gluten-free cookie. After a busy day on the stand and fierce competition from lots of great drawings, the competition for the best new gluten-free cookie was won by Hannah from Gateshead, with ‘Monkey Munch’. To say congratulations the team at Prewett’s will bake her personal design and send it to her to munch!

Check out our facebook page for the runner’s up and more pictures from the day!