Gluten Free Biscuits

We really are the gluten free biscuits expert!

Try our great range of gluten free biscuits. With an estimated one in five people in the UK considering themselves to have some form of food allergy, gluten free makes for a healthy lifestyle choice.

We have been making gluten free biscuits and other free from biscuits since the 1980s. Part of this journey has been learning the science behind gluten free. We’ve partnered with Brunel University to explore gluten free testing and measurements. We are also pioneering the use of gluten free oats, part of the secret that makes our gluten range taste even better than their gluten counterparts.

But more than that, we reckon that our gluten free biscuits are even better tasting than traditional gluten alternatives!

You can find lots of yummy gluten free recipes to make yourself using our biscuits thanks to Pennie who does lots of research on producing amazing gluten free recipes to suit Coeliac diets.